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"The safe key to your success in the MENA markets"

Only a strategic approach allows to obtain effective, measurable and long-lasting results

Market Entry

Entering new markets, with social, cultural and lifestyle differences, may scare most of the italian and european SME’s. The journey is not simple but Soluzione Group and its partners are able to provide a full Market Entry project with the right “Country Approach” for all the markets in the MENA region.

Branding for Abroad

Soluzione Group and its creative team, since 25 years, works alongside the Italian and foreign companies in the design of brand identity and the research of the corporate and brand positioning. Once you decide to go abroad you need to check whether your brand and message is suitable in the new markets.

Integrated Communication

Communicate abroad, particularly on fast growing markets, is fundamental for Italian and European companies aimed at growth and internationalization. The project SG Middle East & North Africa is developed to assist Italian and European companies that want to correctly interpret the selected markets and promote their brand with communication strategy direct on the territory.