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MOROCCO – Aeronautics Sector progressively growing, interesting perspective for the Italian industry

MOROCCO – Aeronautics Sector progressively growing, interesting perspective for the Italian industry

The establishment of the aviation industry in Morocco has a relatively recent history. It begins, in fact, in 2012 with the 20 million Euros investment by the Canadian company Bombardier for the construction of a production unit in Nouacer. Subsequent investments were made by Aerolia, the French subsidiary of Airbus in the integrated industrial platform of MidParc in Nouacer, that was inaugurated in 2013. Aerolia has settled down a factory specializing in the assembly of large subsets and complex aerostructures. The area has an extension of 63 hectares and it is located in a strategic position just outside Casablanca. At about 30km from the city MidParc is connected with the metropolitan area by an efficient road and rail network and it is adjacent to the International Airport of Casablanca – Mohammed V, which operates more than 7 million passengers and from which you can reach over 70 international destinations. A decade ago the aviation sector did not exceed 1% of exports and now accounts for 4.5%: forecasts estimate an increase of up to 18% market share in the period 2015-2020.

Altogether more than 110 aviation and aerospace companies have created factories on the Moroccan territory, encouraged by the presence of good quality facilities and qualified and experienced workforce in the industry. To give concrete support to a sector that can make a difference for the country’s development in the next few years, the Government signed in July 2015 a pact of industrial integration to strengthen the public-private partnership in the aviation industry, with the aim of creating the Casablanca AeroPole, a high-tech industrial district that serves also as a point of attraction for European companies linked to the aeronautical sector. In this outlook, the sector, which aims to double turnover and number of employees by 2020, includes the possibility for profitable Italian capital investments.


Source: Diplomazia Economica Italiana