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MOROCCO, ISRAEL & EGYPT – Leading suppliers of fruit and vegetables to the EU

MOROCCO, ISRAEL & EGYPT – Leading suppliers of fruit and vegetables to the EU

According to Eurostat data analyzed by the Spanish organization FEPEX, EU imports of vegetables from third countries accounted 1.88 billion euros up to October 2015, 12% more than the same period in 2014. Morocco, Israel and Egypt are the EU’s main suppliers.

Morocco continues to hold the leadership in the vegetable supplies from non-EU countries, a growth of 15% in the analyzed period and worthed 630 million euros. Tomatoes continue to be the main vegetables imported into the EU from Morocco, with a 25% increase, for a value of 295.7 million euros. The total import of vegetables from Morocco indicated a reduction of 2% in volume, to 504,000 tons.

After Morocco, Israel is the second largest provider of EU vegetables with 150.5 million euros, ie + 6%. Only the import of potatoes recorded a value of 57.8 million euros (+ 5%). In volume terms, imports of vegetables from Israel totaled 234,406 tons (+ 1%).

Egypt is the third largest supplier, with a value of € 144.3 million, ie + 5% compared to the same period of 2014. The Egyptian products most purchased in the EU were: potatoes, for a value of 50 million euros (+ 5%), onions with 45.5 million euros (+ 4%) and green beans with 38.8 million euros (+ 8%). The total import of vegetables from Egypt totaled 288,725 tons, with an increase of 13%.

Turkey has the fourth largest EU supplier with 138,940 tons of vegetables worth 117 million euros, + 4%. According to the latest data from the European Union’s Statistical Service, Eurostat, coming up to October 2015 and have been reworked by FEPEX, Turkish vegetables mainly imported from the EUare peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes and onions.

Source: (data: FEPEX)