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Branding for Abroad

Soluzione Group and its creative team, since 25 years, works alongside the Italian and foreign companies in the design of brand identity and the research of the corporate and brand positioning. Once you decide to go abroad you need to check whether your brand and message is suitable in the new markets.

Soluzione Group can offer an integrated service for the study, the realization and the maintenance of company brands and products suitable to position the corporate or product brand on the markets selected within the MENA Area.

Branding for Abroad is a consultancy path that includes a mix of integrated activities of Brand Coaching and Brand Design to define and create the right message to communicate on the foreign markets, according to the corporate values, mission and vision studied for the new area of internationalization.

Core of Branding for Abroad is the search for a unique “positioning”, a true distinctive element, able to affirm the brand in each local market, relying on the most emotional communication.

Soluzione Group can be your partner offering its expertise in:

• Creative design and adaptation of the corporate/product logo according to market values, traditions and trends
• Graphic development of communication materials
• Design of advertising campaigns